3 Piece Wheel Manufacturing

Custom tailored to a specific fitment or style for your vehicle.

Custom Wheel Precision Measuring

We exclusively offer precision wheel and chassis measuring service with purchase of wheels. In order to insure custom backspacing wheels are built for a precision fit.

Custom Center Caps

We offer in house customization of aftermarket wheel center caps for a more professional presentation.

Custom Wheel Finishes

 We offer thousands of color and finish options for your desired look. Look through our gallery below to see some of our work!

Caliper Painting

(Please call to schedule and discuss color options and cost with an associate). We use high heat premium enamel primer – base coat as well as a 2k clear in order to protect the finish for years to come. Cost vary based of color and materials used. 

Wheel Drilling Service

(We recommend calling or stopping by to speak with an associate in order to determine if this is a safe and productive way to go based of fitment needs).

Cost can vary from $50-$150 per wheel depending on what service is required to achieve the desired fitment. 

Tire Stretching

Drop off only service – cost ranges from $120-$400 a set depending on time and amount of technicians to tackle the set.